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  • Staffing Information

    If you have questions about staffing, please reach out to Tracy Radich (tradich@ctu279.org).

    Spring Staffing FAQ
    Mar 22, 2024

    You can download the Staffing FAQ & Spring timeline HERE.


    April 1 will officially kick off staffing season for the 2024-25 school year.  I have attached an FAQ about staffing and the timeline.   For those members that are looking to interview at another school during the Open Position Interview period, the list of Open Positions and the Interest to Interview form will be available on Monday, April 15.  This OPI period is the one time of the year that all teachers and paraprofessionals can interview for available open positions.  Since there are so many new brothers and sisters in the CTU, here is an FAQ to help with the Staffing Process which is commonly referred to as the OPI period in CMSD.  We really like to have initials for everything. Additional questions should be directed to Tracy Radich.

    WHAT IS OPI? – OPI stands for Open Position Interview Period.  It is the time in the spring when any teacher or paraprofessional may choose to interview for an open position at another school in the school district.  This is the one time of the year that current employees can interview for a position at a different location within the district.

    WHAT IS STAFFING? -  Prior to the window opening that allows teachers and paraprofessionals to interview for open positions, a number of steps between the district and the school must take place.  This is the time when it is determined if a school is losing or gaining allocations.  Please see timeline for specific steps and dates.

    WHAT ARE ALLOCATIONS? – Allocations, are basically, the positions that a school has.  Each school has a certain amount of allocations (positions) based on student enrollment and assigned special education units.  Teacher allocations are based on the number of students assigned to a building and the special education units that are assigned to the building by the special education department.  Paraprofessional allocations are based on the types of special education units assigned to a school and the number and languages of ESL learners.

    WHAT IS A NECESSARY TRANSFER? -  If enrollment projections are decreasing or a special education unit is moved out of a school, that can reduce allocation(s)/position(s).  If there are more teachers/paraprofessionals than positions then it is necessary to transfer a person(s) from the school.  The people that are identified for transfer are called Necessary Transfers. 

    HOW IS IT DETERMINED WHO WILL BE A NECESSARY TRANSFER (TEACHER)? – For teachers a Necessary Transfer is determined by certification and lowest score on the BEST Rubric.  If an allocation is being reduced in fifth grade, then all of the teachers in 1-8 (including math and reading intervention) would have BEST Rubrics compared and the lowest score would be the person that is identified for transfer.  In high school each department is separate.  In K-8 these are the departments:  PK, K, 1-8 (including math intervention, reading intervention), special education (one department for high and low incidences, the only exceptions are Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired), music, art, PE.

    HOW IS IT DETERMINED WHO WILL BE A NECESSARY TRANSFER (PARAPROFESSIONAL)? – For paraprofessionals a Necessary Transfer is determined by classification and seniority.  If an Instructional Assistant allocation is being reduced all of the paras in that classification will have seniority compared.  Lowest seniority will be identified for transfer.

    HOW DOES A TEACHER OR PARAPROFESSIONAL THAT IS A IDENTIFIED AS A NECESSARY GET A NEW ASSIGNMENT? -  Everyone still has a job, it is going to be at a new school.  All teachers and paraprofessionals that are identified as a Necessary Transfer should participate in the Open Position Interview Period (OPI).  During this time a person can interview at a school.  Anyone that does not have a position at the end of the OPI period will be assigned a position by the CEO’s designee.  Everyone has a job.

    WHAT ARE OPEN POSITIONS? – Schools that are gaining allocations or that have teachers or paraprofessionals that are resigning/retiring may have unfilled allocations.  These are the positions that will be available to interview for during the Open Position Interview Period (OPI).  All positions that are available will be posted in Workday.

    ARE TEACHERS AND PARAPROFESSIONALS IDENTIFIED FOR TRANSFER THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT CAN INTERVIEW DURING THE OPI? – No.  During the spring OPI any teacher or paraprofessional may interview.  Just submit an Interest to Interview Form to the schools where you are interested in interviewing.  This is the only time of the year that a teacher or paraprofessional can voluntarily interview for and actively seek out another position.

    Staffing FAQ Spring 2024.docx

    Open Position Lists
    Apr 09, 2024

    Due to the current Open Position Interview period, we will post the next Open Position List in May

    Seniority Lists
    Apr 21, 2022
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