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    Some school districts in Ohio are losing more than 10% of their state funding due to unfunded private school voucher deductions. For those districts, this budget shortfall means larger classes, older textbooks and technology, and fewer school counselors and nurses. Tell your legislators to protect public education in Ohio by capping the amount that school districts can lose to vouchers.

    Under a new proposal, Trump’s Department of Agriculture would restrict a bipartisan provision called “broad-based categorical eligibility,” which gave states flexibility to ensure SNAP better serves their residents. This change would potentially end SNAP benefits for more than 3 million Americans—in particular, children, seniors and people with disabilities. We cannot let this happen.
  • License & Permit Renewal

    Renewal Info during COVID
    Apr 27, 2020
    Below are FAQ from the COVID-19 page related directly to license/permit renewals for 2020. IF I AM RENEWING MY LICENSE OR PERMIT, DO I NEED TO COMPLETE FINGERPRINTS ASAP? - No.  The license and permit renewal has been extended until September 1.  This includes fingerprinting.  We recommend completing fingerprints with CMSD when facilities are open again.
    Renewal Tips, Info, & Checklist
    Dec 20, 2019


    Anyone that has a certificate, license, or permit that needs to be renewed in 2019, should have received an email from Human Resources informing them of the licenses that need to be renewed.  Certificates, licenses and permits need to be in the teacher’s/RSP’s/paraprofessional’s hand prior to the beginning of the school year.  The certificate, license, or permit expires on June 30 – it saves so much stress if you have your new license in your hand by June 30. 

    In the email was a detailed letter with lots of information.  That information is also posted on the CTU website.  Here is some information and tips to help make the renewal process a smooth process.

    • All renewal licensure and permit applications are completed online per ODE requirements.  Payment for the new license or permit is also done online.
    • Online payment is required by ODE.  Payment must be made by credit card only.  If you do not have a credit card, contact ODE for payment options.
    • After applying and paying online, teachers and related service providers must submit a sealed transcript or CEUs, IPDP approval email, a copy of current license, and a copy of proof of payment receipt from the ODE website, which is issued after successful completion of the online application. Documentation will not be accepted without the ODE proof of payment receipt.  Teachers, related service providers, and paraprofessionals must be fingerprinted every 5 years.
    • The cost to convert PD hours to CEUs in the district is $20. 
    • Teachers who hold a 4-year Resident Educator License or a 4-year Alternative Resident Educator License DO NOT need 6 semester credits or their equivalent of CEUs to transition to a 5-year Professional License.  There is no need to write an IPDP yet. Successful completion of the 4-year Resident Educator Program and passage of RESA is the course work.  RESA scores for SY2019-20 are scheduled to be posted by ODE on April 24, 2020. Once you obtain the 5-year Professional License you will need to write an IPDP and then begin to work on obtaining your 6 semester credits, 18 CEUs, or a combination of both.  If you have any questions, please email Debbie Paden.
    • Supporting documentation for PUPIL ACTIVITY PERMIT includes a copy of the Fundamentals of Coaching certificate, valid CPR certification, Concussion Training Certificate, and First Aid, Health & Safety for Coaches Certificate, and a copy of your proof of payment receipt from the ODE website, which is issued after successful completion of the online application. Documentation will not be accepted without the ODE proof of payment receipt.
    • District’s IRN is 043786.  LPDC IRN is 014451.  When completing your application under the Signature section, add IRN 043786 on the space for Superintendent Signature.
    • Documentation drop-off at the East Professional Center Room 219 (8:30am – 4:00pm). 
    • Certificated/licensed employees that need help submitting the application online can come to Room 219 at CMSD East Professional Center on Mondays from 8:30am to 4pm.
    • If you are renewing an Education Aide Permit, you DO NOT need to come to Human Resources.  You DO NOT have documentation that is required to be submitted to HR.
    • If you need an IPDP approval email to renew and you do not have your IPDP email, here is what to do.  Go into the IPDP system; go to the screen with your name, address, licenses, etc.; on that screen it will show your IPDP approval date – print this screen.
    • You need to have an approved IPDP before taking coursework for your renewal, so you probably wrote it and had it approved 5 years ago.  That is the IPDP that you use.  An IPDP is written after your license is issued and then it is good for your next renewal.
    • Fingerprints - Educators who are renewing and have lived continuously in Ohio for the previous 5 years and have a BCI check on file – will only need to have FBI background check.  If you have NOT lived continuously in Ohio, then both BCI and FBI are required. 
    • CMSD Safety & Security does fingerprinting at East Professional Center (formerly East High) on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 9:00-11:00 and 2:00-4:00. You can contact their office at (216) 838-0420 to make sure that hours are not changed over break.  The cost for fingerprints through CMSD are BCI = $22.00 and FBI = $25.25.  This is payable ONLY by money order.  Again, educators who are renewing and have lived continuously in Ohio for the previous 5 years and have a BCI check on file – will only need to have FBI background check.
    • Once the license or permit is issued by the ODE, it is sent to the email that is in your ODE SAFE account.  The credential is also sent electronically to the district as long as you list CMSD on the Signature page of the application.  You can view the status of your application via the ODE website.
    • Email Jim Wagner, Bonnie Hedges, Debbie Paden or Tracy Radich at the CTU if you have any additional questions.  Or to reach the district, email licensing@clevelandmetroschools.org.

    Download: License Renewal Checklist 2019.pdf
    License Renewal Tips.pdf

    Page Last Updated: Apr 27, 2020 (18:40:50)
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